Dear Families,

You may have seen the #ourstorystartshere on our social media posts and truly, we have a beautiful story to tell about the beginning of our Catholic school here in Ada.  The wonderful part of this story is that it continues to grow and evolve around the needs of our community.

 It is unbelievable to me that we are beginning our 3rd enrollment season!  What a magnificent blessing this school has been to this community! We have welcomed beautiful children and amazing families who entrust us with them each day. We are excited to accept new preschool and elementary students as we continue to grow.

 Two years ago, when we began to implement the vision of a new, independent Catholic elementary school, we knew we had to capture as many young children as possible and expose them to our faith-based STEM program.  In year one, we offered programming for 2-year-old students through Kindergarten. We retained a significant number of our founding students and nearly doubled our enrollment numbers in year 2! 

This year we continued to grow and evolve.  We replaced our 2 year-old preschool program with a Young 5s program, which has been incredibly successful.  Our 3-year-old classrooms are full, and we are near capacity in both 4-year-old preschool and Young 5s. We also adjusted our schedule to offer a full day program for all students. This change gave us insight to the advantages of both the half and full day models for preschool. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, we plan to continue to evolve our programming, focusing more intentionally on building the STEM curriculum into our Catholic immersion model and grow our preschool and elementary school.  In order to do this most effectively, we have modified our 3 & 4 -year-old programs to 3 hour segments with 3s attending 2 morning or afternoons and 4s attending 3 mornings or afternoons each week. Of course, if a family needs full day preschool, they are welcome to enroll in morning and afternoon classes. Due to childcare licensing restrictions, before and after school care is available for school age students 5 and older.

We are committed to a premier Catholic education at St. Robert and are offering a 3rd grade reading guarantee to our families who join us in kindergarten or earlier. We promise your child will read at grade level by 3rd grade, or your 4th grade year is free!

In addition, we will be implementing an admissions process for our preschool and Young 5 programs to ensure preference is given to those families intending to continue their student’s Catholic education at St. Robert in Kindergarten and beyond.

 We are looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year and another exciting year of growing together and building an amazing school where we can focus on our mission.  St. Robert Catholic School provides a premier Catholic STEM based education where students are immersed daily in their faith which empowers them to become the individual God created her/him to be.


Mrs. Liz Peters—Principal