Specials Classes

Physical Education 

Students in all grades, preschool - 5th grade take gym class each week. The students enjoy working with Mrs. Russell on skills from learning to jump rope to the rules for soccer!  Students learn that being a good sport is what Jesus expects of us! 


Mrs. Carlstrom meets with our 4 year-old preschool and older students for art each week.  They explore different forms of art from a faith based perspective.  You might see students painting under desks like Michelangelo or outside sketching some of God's beautiful creations!


Mrs. Schmieder brings boundless energy to her music classes and our preschool through 3rd grade students enjoy learning about rhythm and beat as they sing, march, and play instruments with her. Students learn many of the songs we sing at Mass each week so they can become better participants in the liturgy. 


New for 2022, our 4th and 5th grade students are learning to play the guitar! Our orchestra teacher, Mr. Jakubowski, is meeting with our oldest students twice a week to share his love of stringed instruments. The students are striving to learn this instrument so they can play at Mass!


Learning a foreign language is an important part of including others in all that we do.  When we can welcome people in their own language, we are able to include them in ways that we could not before. Mrs. Rojas-Murphy, our Spanish teacher, is a native speaker of the Spanish language and is able to teach our students to understand and use this language,  in a very natural manner.


Dr. Marsha Wharton along with Mrs. Carlstom share their love of literature with the students each week as they visit our library to hear a story and peruse the shelves for new books to read! Students have a large selection of religious, fiction, and non-fiction texts to choose from as they select their choices for the week. 

Proverbs 3:13 “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.”

Physical Education - Mrs. Beth Russell

Art - Mrs. Lisa Carlstrom

Music - Mrs. Annie Schmieder

Orchestra - Mr. Steve Jakubowski

Spanish - Mrs. Pamela Rojas-Murphy

Library - Dr. Marsha Wharton and Mrs. Lisa Carlstrom