St. Robert Catholic School participates in GRACEAC,  a group that oversees the athletic programs for the Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One of the primary goals of GRACEAC is to facilitate the development of student-athletes who genuinely display the Christian qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play in every aspect of life.

Please see the list of registration links for the upcoming school year.  All the links, except for Sideline Cheer, will take you to Team Snap.  If you don't already have a Team Snap account please set one up to receive team information.


All communication for the sports and schedules are through Team Snap, as part of the GRACEAC program.  GRACEAC consists of dozens of schools in the Catholic Diocese and our neighboring  Christian schools.   Our Athletic Director will do his best to keep our kids together and place them on teams closer to our school campus.  

If you would like to be a coach, please follow this link:

Catholic United Coach & Individual Sport Coordinator Application

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email our Athletic Director, Mitchell Gorham, at and he will do his best to get you answers. 

St. Robert Cheerleaders