April 1, 2022

A Note from the Principal

Dear Families,

I am amazed at how our school has grown over the past few years!  What a magnificent blessing this school has been to this community! We have welcomed beautiful children and amazing families who entrust us with them each day. We are excited to accept new preschool and elementary students as we continue to grow.

For those of you who don’t know, the school opened its doors in the fall of 2018 and welcomed 42 students in grades Preschool through Kindergarten. Our first year was exciting and humbling as we learned together and began forming the school we wanted to become.  Now, a few years later, we have several students whose family chose St. Robert as the place to call home as their educational choice for their children.

In 2018, we simply wanted you to know that our school’s story was beginning and that it started here with all of you. Now, a few short years later, we have found something very special, and spiritual is happening in the halls of the school and within our parish. Children are entering this building every day, excited to learn about God and grow in their faith. They look forward to praying with their classmates and attending Mass together.  Yes, they are learning to read, understand numbers and mathematical concepts, and all the other subjects that go along with a fantastic school, but most importantly, they are immersed in their Catholic faith for 8 hours each day.

We are committed to continuing to evolve our programming, focusing more intentionally on building the STEM curriculum into our Catholic immersion model and grow our preschool and elementary school.  We are committed to a premier Catholic education at St. Robert and  promise to partner with our parents to meet this goal.

This immersion of faith is what makes a Catholic school special.  Here, we can tell our students that we love them, and share in their lives in a unique way because we share these special and spiritual beliefs. Our student body is growing, because families are yearning for a safe place where their children can learn and grow.

Please reach out and let me know if you are interested in having a conversation about the school, or if you would like to come by for a tour.  I absolutely love talking about our school and sharing the wonderful things that are happening here with prospective parents and students.

We are looking forward to our next school year and another exciting year of growing together and building an amazing school where we can focus on our mission.  St. Robert Catholic School provides a premier Catholic STEM based education where students are immersed daily in their faith which empowers them to become the individual God created her/him to be.


Mrs. Liz Peters—Principal

616-455-4966 x601